Cellar & Underground Gyms

Custom built gymnasiums – with a focus on the aesthetic

Not your typical gym

The typical “gym” conjures up images of lots of steel and a hard industrial feel. The coldness and hardness to these spaces is not appealing for everyone. At Cellar Creations, we specialize in creating beautiful customised spaces, both above and below ground, that have a softness and warmth to them. A space that is inviting, motivating and represent your individuality. If you want something different, contact Cellar Creations today.


Following with our design focused approach, we have partnered with the likeminded company Nohrd, providing high end timber gymnasium equipment. We are able to offer package deals when engaged with a full gymnasium build and fitout.


As an award winning building and designing company, we understand and embrace the unusual. We have interment knowledge and experience around delivering detailed custom spaces.


To create your unique gymnasium requires consultation, detailed design and quality building works. We provide the full service, so contact us today!

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