Luxury Underground Rooms

Luxury underground rooms, also known as “mancaves” can cater for all needs.  These basement constructed rooms typically utilise the underground footprint of the house above, but can also sit under tennis courts and landscaped areas.


With today’s ever increasing house and land prices, these underground rooms utilise the potential of the site and can provide solutions for tight town planning requirements above ground.


In years past the basement was more of an underground garage, but today’s underground spaces offer so much more.


Underground rooms for consideration:

  • Continuation of main stairwell down to lower area and lift access throughout building
  • Underground wine cellar and adjoining entertaining tasting areas
  • Underground cinema room
  • Underground swimming pools, spas, saunas, stream room and adjoining changing bathrooms
  • Underground panic room (bunker, safety room)
  • Underground media room
  • Underground living areas with light wells to provide natural light and landscaped elements
  • Underground collectable room  (showcasing cars, motorbikes and other collectables)
  • Under garage and direct access to the home – hidden ramp lids and facade doors that conceal the notion of a basement

Large scale basement complexes should be considered on new builds where there is simpler building  methodologies.  Smaller  areas can be considered in existing building but require a more complex build and engineering solution.


What does this cost?  To answer this question a number of key aspects need to be undertaken to enable real costs to be ascertained;  soil tests, architectural design works and structural engineering.  As outlined, underground rooms have their complexities – basic entry level projects are generally in excess of $50,000.


If you are interested in pursuing an underground room, please contact Cellar Creations.


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